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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

..kayuhan sbtu..20hb Mac2010

..huhu..ni adalah gambar sumbangan dr Bro Izzi kite..gambar yg penuh bermakna..hilang penat lelah pebila lihat aksi2 imin dgn bershaja,bersiul di pinggir bukit..dgn alunan lagu "Wind Of Change"..fuhhh..syahduu..ekekeke ..
Kale Jenkin kate kite..Scorpion kate deme..lps bersiul so apelagi..berkayuh le pulee..

..aksi menarik dr Imin ..tersenyum smbil bersiol..

..shah terkilan mendgr siolan imin..fuhh shahduu

..mejer juge bersetuju sambil mengepakkan tgnnyerrr..rider yg laen syahdu dgn siulan imin sambil
tunduk membisu...


My GT Album

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..but this is only a part of GT collection..still lot more!!!huhu

Monday, March 22, 2010

GT bikes..

..GT tequesta

..pic below is same like GT Avalance in Malaysia..

..Gt moto

..Gt Moto Zaskar..

..entahle..aku pon pening ni..

ni kt website US plak..ade plak aku jumpe mcm ni..

...Gt avalanche gak nih kan???

tp kalo yg bwh ni..mmg Faizal punye collection lee..hehehe

..lazat kan???

ok..yg di bwah ni plak adalah bekas2 jande Abg Lan yg dulu..hehehe..Gt Collection Abg Lan..90'an dulu2

..Gt Pantera..kaler sibijik mcm ni kate Abg Lan..

..GT LTS-2..tp kaler chrome bukan red candy  mcm ats..tp model same..huhu

..amacam?..rase2 mcm otai tak?..huhuhu


..boring for a regular pattern/brand of mountain bike?.here some of new latest design from BMW..hahaha..sure need a lot of $$$$..

We’ve posted about smaller BMWs going front-wheel drive, but here’s a small BMW that keeps it true – it’s by the M division, lightweight and rear driven! This limited edition BMW M Bike features disc brakes, a cool matt anthracite frame, leather saddle and stylish rims and handles. There are M badges too, of course.
BMW says that with the M Bike you’ll “attract a lot of attention – at least for a few seconds” as “the high total gear ratio transmission delivers astonishing speed” – they’re talking about the light and robust Shimano SLX gear system there. No turbos here, speed depends on your legpower, but at least you’ll be seated well on the fi’zi:k saddle (with red inlay) designed for comfort and superior grip. Other notable components include the Manitou Match suspension fork with 80 mm spring deflection. The M Bike weighs 12.9 kg.
It is available in June online at www.bmw-shop.com, which also sells a full M Collection for you to look like a riding advertisement. Profits go to making real M cars.
source from http://paultan.org/