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Monday, March 22, 2010


..boring for a regular pattern/brand of mountain bike?.here some of new latest design from BMW..hahaha..sure need a lot of $$$$..

We’ve posted about smaller BMWs going front-wheel drive, but here’s a small BMW that keeps it true – it’s by the M division, lightweight and rear driven! This limited edition BMW M Bike features disc brakes, a cool matt anthracite frame, leather saddle and stylish rims and handles. There are M badges too, of course.
BMW says that with the M Bike you’ll “attract a lot of attention – at least for a few seconds” as “the high total gear ratio transmission delivers astonishing speed” – they’re talking about the light and robust Shimano SLX gear system there. No turbos here, speed depends on your legpower, but at least you’ll be seated well on the fi’zi:k saddle (with red inlay) designed for comfort and superior grip. Other notable components include the Manitou Match suspension fork with 80 mm spring deflection. The M Bike weighs 12.9 kg.
It is available in June online at www.bmw-shop.com, which also sells a full M Collection for you to look like a riding advertisement. Profits go to making real M cars.
source from http://paultan.org/

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