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Thursday, March 03, 2011

- new 10' speed series from Shimano .. Deore and SLX 2011-

..hahaha..amcam?..smart tak groupset 10' speed baru Deore 2k11 dan SLX 2k11 yg baru nih??..amcm ade bran mau tukor yg baru??..hahhaha..

ce try bace..
Deore is the first Shimano mountain bike groupset that's regarded as an upgrade option rather than just being supplied with complete bikes. The new version inherits the 10-speed Dyna-Sys technology debuted on the Deore XT and SLX groups, and later on XTR, last year.
Available from June, the new Deore looks the same as the current iteration but the addition of an extra sprocket at the back means there's a new crankset (42/32/24-tooth), cassette (11-34/36T), chain, rear derailleur and right-hand Rapidfire Plus shifter. Manufacture of the nine-speed version will continue.
There's also a new Deore disc brake. The M596 inherits the Servo Wave cam system that was previously the preserve of Shimano's higher-end discs. This provides more pad clearance and a power-assisted feel. Shimano claim a 14 percent power increase over the previous M595, helping them meet their target of a 5-25% increase in braking power across their disc brake range
The M596 has a new lever design that takes styling cues from the top-end XTR stopper but carries over the current hinged bar clamp. One-way bleeding is now standard down to Deore level, and the new brake can be used with the current SM-RT64 rotor.

Mid-range SLX also gets a new Servo Wave disc brake – the M666. This uses the same Ice Technologies brake pads and rotors first seen on the new XTR brake. These are designed to reduce heat buildup and prevent brake fade on long downhills.
The new SM-RT67 Center Lock rotors will be available in 160, 180 and 203mm sizes. The M666 also features a tool-less reach adjuster and one-way bleeding. It'll be available from June.

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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

..k a y u h . s o k m o . . @ j e l i . .

..perghh..hebak..mmg hebak2 belako abe2 hamzter riderz ni doh!!!..1stly aku nak wish " kongratulasi" pd hamzter riderz yg berjaya menamatkan jamboree kayuh sokmo di jeli pd ahad lepas..tak sia2 korang training pg,ptg,siang,mlm..baguih2..so lps ni bule le plak try kat telok batik n bukit merah plak nooo..drpd info2 yg aku dpt dr riderz2 aritu..inilah keputusan nyerr..
Mizi Scott - 18th
Zaid Trek - 19th
Oyein Yeti - 29th
Imin GT - 100th 
Fadel Specialized - 146th
..kate fadel..die cramp mase tgh ride..kalo tidak sure dok cucuk blkg imin..placing sure 101th nyerr..huhu..hebat2 deme nih..ini semua diantare 700-800 lebeh riderz tuhh..geng HTR pon tak kurang hebat juge rider2 nyer..kbykannyer rider2 dr ipoh sumer under ranking 100!!!
dgr2 citer Anuar Manan placing 3rd..itupon katenyer si oyein siap bule nak cucuk2 si anuar manan..aje bebenor lee.
takpe2..lps ni kite try kat bukit merah pule..nengok sape terel manjat road Bukit Merah...hehhee..
papehal pon..tahniah offroadriderz..eh eh silap..dah ade name baru..HAMZTER RIDERZ..huhu..
..semenjak dok balik dr Jeli..si imin tak habes2 kecek klate dih!!!..hehehe