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Thursday, November 11, 2010

..pic @ jamboree kuale 2010..

..adoilaa..jamboree pon dh lepas lama dah..aku bz benor..smpi x sempat nak upload pic2 korang..sorry maaa..so lani aku dh masokkan gambor2 kat kuale haritu..yg mane aku nampak muke,walao secebis pon..aku tetap upload gak..hahha..papepon enjoy!!!
[kalo dlm ramei2 riderz tuh..kome pandei2 le carik muke korang..hehehe]
[klik gambar utk paparan yg lebih besor]

..yg ni sumbangan dr bro izzi..

..garu ape tu???..hehehe

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