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Friday, July 23, 2010

.. new Shimano X T R..

After nearly two decades of cross-country race domination, XTR is branching into terrain the UCI would never dare sanction an XC race on. Why? Because trail riders like you have long dreamed of a component group that truly complements how, where and why you ride.

Meet XTR Trail, crafted with all the precision and strength riders have come to expect from XTR, but refocused specifically for the demands of today’s trail riders.

A reconfigured triple-ring crank delivers trail-tuned gear ratios for optimum, all-day efficiency, while the most powerful XTR brake to date delivers usable, confidence-inspiring performance in even the most sustained descents. Platform SPD pedals provide a stable connection to the machine and wide-profile scandium wheels track confidently through the rough stuff. Bottom line: XTR Trail lets you ride faster with more control over rougher terrain.

The best part is that XTR Trail is the yin to XTR Race’s yang, and together mountain biking’s first family of components offers a broad matrix of fully interchangeable options to tune your ride.

..perghh menarik gile brake ni..


 ..new design hidro brake


 ..disk brake ni pon dh mcm kete je..perghhh


..aritu SLX dgn XT..skrg 10 speed XTR..hahaha


 ..ish3..smart gilelah crank baru ni wehh


 ..front derailleur


 ..rear derailleur yg menggiurkan..


 ..new XTR shifter..


 ..haaaa..yg ni bule clamp skali dgn brakeset..mcm SRAM je..hehe

..so amacam geng?..ade bran?..hehehe


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